Pdf To DjVu GUI – Convert any PDF into DjVu in batch

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As an alternative to the most commonly used PDF document format at present, the advantages of DjVu format (from France) are quite obvious: on the premise of storing the same content with same quality, it is much smaller, more readable and opens much faster than PDF. In this case, for any PDF documents with large file size, we might as well convert them into DjVu format, so as to get more convenience.

Pdf To DjVu GUI is a free PDF-to-DjVu converter for Windows and Linux OS. It’s developed as a GUI based on the PDF-2-DjVu command line tool for Linux – pdf2djvu. With its help, we can convert any PDF format of documents into DjVu format in batch, with one-click.

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LatestPdf To DjVu GUI – Convert any PDF into DjVu in batch