Perfect Balance – Challenges to masters of balance art

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Perfect Balance is series of extremely challenging and difficult physics and gravity based small balance game, with ingenious design. Your goal is to, in specific environments, through placing bricks in various shapes to achieve their overall balance.

AppNee wants to tell you that, in game, the key to victory is the clever use of friction force and supporting point. On the side, Perfect Balance has multiples editions, in each of which, the graphics and gameplay are very different (of course, the core is same – balance). Anyway, all of them are worth to challenge for gamers who like difficult games.

It’s time to test your balance, logical thinking abilities and patience! Each edition of Perfect Balance has dozens of levels for your challenge, yet for most players, you will be considered to be a superior if not get stuck after several stages.

// Prompts //

  • Use mouse wheel to adjust the brick’s angle
  • Press “R” key to quick retry!

// Download URLs //

Version Download Size
Perfect Balance 1 9.57 MB
Perfect Balance 2 8.89 MB
Perfect Balance 3 8.49 MB
Perfect Balance 3: Last Trials 9.37 MB
Perfect Balance 4: New Trials 7.76 MB
Perfect Balance: Playground 7.54 MB
Perfect Balance: Harmony Editor 8.85 MB

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