[PGM2] Knights of Valour 3 ROM, Storage Card + Emulator

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Knights of Valour is a very classic and popular (especially in Asian countries) side-scrolling action arcade game series from Taiwan. Waiting for ten years after Knights of Valour 2, IGS brought us its orthodox sequel – Knights of Valour 3 (AKA: 三国战纪 III; 三國戰紀 3) in 2011, only released for PolyGame Master 2 (PGM2) platform.

After Japanese Warriors of Fate (AKA: Sangokushi II, 天地を喰らう2 赤壁の戦い), Taiwanese Knights of Valour series began a more long-term fashion in all arcade game rooms. Especially the first two works are still the favorite ones for many video game players, which can be considered as a rare flag of arcade games.

Knights of Valour 3 removed the classic character 黄忠, replaced by his made-up ‘daughter’ – 黄芸. The most surprising is, this work new added two playable characters: 刘备 and 周瑜! Plus other familiar generals, a brand-new generation of Knights of Valour did not let KoV fan players down!

// Contained ROMs //

  • Knights of Valour 3 V102

*** Knights of Valour 3 ROM supports 2 languages: Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese. You can change the game language in “Tab -> Dip Switches -> Region“.

// Fan Made Demo Video //

// How to play //

  1. Direct run ‘kov3.bat‘ to start PGM2 emulator along with Knights of Valour 3 game rom
  2. Press F3 to skip “Calendar Setting”, then Press 6 to insert coin and press 1 to start game as soon as possible
  3. Enjoy!

*** In languages except Chinese, if the keys you defined do not work well, just set all other keys to ‘None‘ (Enter -> ESC) to solve this problem!

// Prompts  //

  • In game, press ‘Tab‘ key to open options menu
  • Bug: You have to wait for the demo finished before entering game every time (insert coin as soon as possible when you see the “Push Start“)

// Download URLs //

Platform Region Version ROM, Storage Card + Emulator Size
PGM2 CN V102 122 MB

(No Homepage)