Phoenix OS – Android-based personal computer operating system

After all, Google is the first company attempted the localization of Android on PC. Whereas, they missed the era of mobile Internet & network and smartphone sweeping around the world due to an early start. Subsequent years, Android-x86 appeared first and lay a solid foundation for newcomers to make transition. Then it’s Phoenix OS and Remix OS‘s turn to break a new ground. AppNee thinks that: the day Android rooted on a PC platform (that means compatibility is no longer a major problem), the time Linux started to formally replace Windows in all directions!

Phoenix OS (AKA: 凤凰系统) is an Android OS based on Android-x86 Open Source Project (AOSP), developed by Chaozhuo Technology (formerly called Phoenix Studio, also the author of TheWorld Browser) from China. This is a deeply customized operating system based on Android platform, specially designed for PC with x86 or ARM architecture CPU, targeting high-end Tablet, All-in-One PC, laptop, desktop computer, and other devices with a big display. Its UI learns from a lot of Windows elements (such as the start menu, multitasking, windows switch, adjust the window size optionally, use mouse to drag & drop – which makes the files’ move operation become much more efficient and convenient on Android, keyboard shortcuts – Ctrl + C/Ctrl + V/Ctrl + A, file compression/decompression, etc.), and is specifically optimized for mouse and keyboard operations. As to the desktop design, it’s more like a fusion of Android, Linux and Windows.

Certainly, there have been so many Android emulators (I can call the names of at least 13 of them, such as: Andy, BlueStacksDroid4XGenymotion, KOPLAYER, Manymo, MEmu, Nox App Player, Windroy, Xamarin, YouWave, AMIDuOS, Remix OS Player – most of them are from China) which can directly be installed on computer and run Android apps/games. But they all have one common critical defect – the low performance of virtualization running. That means, in addition to buying an Android tablet with powerful CPU, we do have a better and free choice – that’s to direct install an Android OS on our computer! In Phoenix OS, you can run a number of Android games and apps natively. In particular, its performance is definitely pretty much better than any virtual machines! And thanks to the support of switching between multiple windows and multiple tasks and keyboard support, Phoenix OS allows you to run and display the interfaces of multiple apps on a big screen at the same time, so as to greatly improve the use efficiency of Android OS!

In simple terms, Phoenix OS completely ported the Android OS for mobile devices onto PC (or we can call it x86 desktop edition of Android), in order to enable you to continue your using habit on the Windows OS while running an Android OS on a laptop or desktop computer.

// Key Features //

  • Starting from fashion, returning to classics
  • Classic “starting” (Full-screen, Menu)
  • Multiple tasks, high efficiency
  • Multiple-window design
  • Title bar
  • Free stretching window
  • Easy management of files
  • LAN access
  • Global searching
  • Cross-windows dragging
  • Mouse operation
  • Compression
  • Familiar keyboard shortcuts
  • Notification center
  • Entrance
  • Application message
  • Quick setting
  • Stardust Browser
  • Browsing of multiple tabs
  • Advanced Chromium-based
  • Advertising filtering
  • Manage applications for you
  • Prevent self-starting of applications
  • Intelligent recovery of memory
  • Regular systematic examination
  • Enjoy huge amounts of applications

// Official Demo Video //

// System Requirements //

  • Intel x86 CPU
  • 2G+ RAM (physical memory)

// Prompts //

  • The official says, at present, the application compatibility of Phoenix OS on devices with Intel Atom series of CPU is the best. For other types of CPU, you might meet some compatibility issues, but that does not affect its basic use.

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// Download URLs //

License Version Product Download
Free OS Latest Phoenix OS for x86
Phoenix OS for ARM
  • *** The Phoenix OS (x86) can run on devices with Intel x86 series CPUs. It can be installed on hard disk (with best performance) or USB flash drive (equivalent of a LiveCD – but runs very slowly, unless the ones with high speed) for operation, without affecting the original document system.
  • *** The Phoenix OS (ARM) only supports the Nexus series tablet. The appropriate ROM root package is provided on the page. We will introduce the tablet device suitable for the ARM platform in the future.


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