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PHP 5 Power Programming is a classic must-read authoritative book with 720 pages of content published in 2004, cooperatively written by 3 PHP masters (PHP 5’s chief designer – Andi Gutmans, PEAR‘s founder – Stig Saether Bakken and PHP’s core contributor – Derick Rethans). Now its full copyright has been completely free.

Throughout the book you can see impressive, very proper interpretation and examples everywhere. PHP 5 Power Programming introduced the new features of PHP 5, object-oriented programming methods and design patterns, new database connection processing, error handling and XML processing mechanisms in PHP 5, etc. In particular, it analyzed and expounded the key extension package of PHP – PEAR (this part almost takes up to half of the full length). Its purpose is the only one – to help readers understand, be familiar with PHP, and dig the potential of PHP furthest, in order to build more robust and efficient PHP applications at a lower cost.

PHP 5 Power Programming is suitable for experienced PHP programmers and other Web developers with advanced languages programming experience to read. In other words, if you were just a PHP layman/novice, then this book isn’t written for you to get started. On the contrary, if you already have a PHP basis, and want to continue to improve yourself, then do not miss it.

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