PHP Objects, Patterns, and Practice, 3rd & 4th Edition HD PDF download

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PHP Objects, Patterns, and Practice, 3rd & 4th Edition HD PDF download

PHP Objects, Patterns, and Practice, 4th Edition is suitable for intermediate/senior PHP programmers to read, also with certain help for getting started with PHP, but not much, because it puts more emphasis on helping PHPers to expand ways of thinking. For people with some work experience in PHP it has very high reference value, which can help to grasp the essence of PHP’s object-oriented design and development, so as to ascend to be the high-end PHP programmer.

This is the latest edition of this classic work written by the PHP expert Matt Zandstra. It gives a comprehensive and in-depth analysis to the object-oriented PHP programming and design, covers PHP’s OO features, design patterns and concepts, as well as the implementation of the key patterns, and introduces the business model and database schema in special chapters. Centring on PHP application development, the last parts introduces in detail a number of very useful auxiliary tools for development, and discusses the best development practices with universal significance.

PHP Objects, Patterns, and Practice, 3rd & 4th Edition HD PDF download

// Table of Contents //

  1. PHP: Design and Management
  2. PHP and Objects
  3. Object Basics
  4. Advanced Features
  5. Object Tools
  6. Objects and Design
  7. What Are Design Patterns? Why Use Them?
  8. Some Pattern Principles
  9. Generating Objects
  10. Patterns for Flexible Object Programming
  11. Performing and Representing Tasks
  12. Enterprise Patterns
  13. Database Patterns
  14. Good (and Bad) Practice
  15. An Introduction to PEAR and Pyrus
  16. Generating Documentation with phpDocumentor
  17. Version Control
  18. Testing with PHPUnit
  19. Automated Build with Phing
  20. Continuous Integration
  21. Objects, Patterns, and Practice
  22. App A: Bibliography
  23. App B: A Simple Parser

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