[v9.0.12] PicturesToExe – Convert photos, video clips, & music to an executable file

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I guess you probably collected a lot of beautiful pictures in your computer, but in disorder. Most often, they just lie there quietly. To make utilize waste materials, if we could combine the pictures on the shelf into a lively movie, that will mean different a lot.

As the name implies, PicturesToExe is mainly used to convert lots of pictures to an EXE format of executable file with customized background music. In this way, you can easily share it to friends. As long as simply run the EXE file you send, they can appreciate your masterpiece. The key is, this does not require you to install any additional photo viewers, because it is just a stand-alone EXE file.

If you have higher requests, PicturesToExe also allows you to convert images into a more attractive slideshow with many customizations. This includes set background color, add comments, add sound objects, etc. Only needs about 6 steps, you can design a wonderful slide with beautiful effects.

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AppNee provides the PicturesToExe Deluxe Edition multilingual portable full registered versions for Windows 32-bit & 64-bit.

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Deluxe Edition v8.0.20 12.9 MB
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v9.0.12 41.0 MB