Pointers on C, 1st Edition HD PDF, Source Code & Answers

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This is the Pointers on C’s 1st edition (in fact, also its final edition) published in 1997. It is another very classic work with waves of worldwide high praise about C language, considered to be one of the necessary manuals for C starters. Meanwhile, it was known as the “C language’s 3-Masterpiece” together with Expert C Programming and C Traps and Pitfalls.

Through thorough discussions to the pointer’s fundamental knowledge and advanced features, Pointers on C, 1st Edition can help C programmers take pointer’s powerful function into their own programs. The whole book is divided into 18 chapters, covers almost every important topic in the C programming, and exposes many programming skills & tips at the same time. Especially the highly specific exercises and answers at the back of each chapter.

Eventually you may think, to a certain extent, Pointers on C is even more reliable than the Expert C Programming – because it just can solve many of your questions! Overall, Pointers on C is more suitable for C language beginners or primary C programmers to read, but not written purely for the absolute newbies.

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