[v1.4.2] PPSSPP – Best and free PSP emulator for multiple platforms

PPSSPP (short for PlayStation Portable Simulator Suitable for Playing Portably) is a cross-platform and open-source emulator originally created by Henrik Rydgård (AKA: hrydgard, one of the main members in the development team of the renowned NGC/Wii emulator – Dolphin) from Sweden, in 2012. It can perfectly run the vast majority of PSP games, supports Windows, Linux, Mac OX, Android, iOS and many other mainstream computer and mobile device operating system.

PPSSPP was written mainly using C, C++, in order to improve its running efficiency and portability. It’s much easier to operate, and has faster emulation speed and more perfect function than the JPCSP emulator relying on Java. Up to this day, it has been confirmed by numerous emulator players to be the most powerful PSP emulator for both Windows and android platforms.

The PC edition’s graphics quality of PPSSPP is far superior to the PSP handheld machine, and runs very smooth. Therefore, the PC players just need to equip an Xbox 360 gamepad, then you can enjoy the same (or even better) game experience with PSP (including the handle and more refined graphics)!

// Gold Edition Features //

  • Faster emulation and more platforms than any other PSP emu
  • Save states
  • Enhanced high-resolution graphics with upscaled textures
  • Turbo button for those slow-to-play RPGs
  • Makes you feel good
  • Has a fancy golden icon you can show off to your friends

// System Requirements //

// Official Demo Video //

// Edition Statement //

In addition to the Free Edition for Linux, Mac OS X and other platforms from PPSSPP official site, you can also get the PPSSPP Gold Edition (full version have been paid, multiple languages support) for Windows and Android.

// Android Simple Tutorial //

  1. Download and Install PPSSPP GOLD in your Android phone
  2. Download PSP GAMES in CSO or ISO file format
  3. Place download ISO or CSO file in your SDCard or Wherever you want
  4. Open PPSSPP GOLD and then go to GAMES and find the location where you have placed the PSP GAME’s CSO or ISO file and its DONE
  5. Now Enjoy your favorite PSP Games on your Android phone.

// Prompts //

The file formats PSP emulators support are .ISO or .CSO, i.e. the downloaded archive file should be extracted out first to play.

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// Download URLs //

Platform Version Download Size
Gold Edition
Android v1.0.1 15.3 MB
v1.1.1 18.5 MB
v1.2.1 23.2 MB
v1.2.2 23.2 MB
v1.3.0 23.5 MB
v1.4.2 25.7 MB
Windows v0.9.1 for Windows Fast Link Page 7.96 MB
Free Edition
Linux v1.0 for Linux Fast Link Page n/a
Mac OS X v1.0 for Mac Fast Link Page n/a
Meego / Harmattan v0.9.5 n/a
Symbian v0.9.9 n/a
Blackberry v0.9.9 n/a


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