Pro Android Games, 3rd Edition HD PDF

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As an OS platform leading the mobile application trends, Android released NDK to support the mixed developments of Java & C programming languages. This made it possible to port thousands of PC games (mainly written in C) onto Android platform and make them look more attractive by using a simple ARM Compiler.

The content in Pro Android Games, 3rd Edition is easy to understand, basically any programmer who knows a little about Java can read it. Not only did it deeply introduced how to build a pure Java game from scratch through two cool arcade games (Space Blaster and Asteroids), also demonstrated how to port the big and fine classic 3D games (Doom and Wolfenstein 3D) on PC to Android. Eventually you will really understand how to “get twice the result with half the effort” to complete your Android game development. That’s also the most attractive place of this book.

For starters who just began to learn Android games programming, you will reap no little benefit after finishing Pro Android Games, 3rd Edition. Each chapter has a instance, all of them are the classic games. The reading method for this book that AppNee recommends to you is according to the introduction and source code in book, write them all again by yourself, then you will learn a lot of things!

// Table Of Contents //

  1. Welcome to Android Gaming
  2. Gaming Tricks for Phones or Tablets
  3. More Gaming Tricks with OpenGL and JNI
  4. Efficient Graphics and Portability with OpenGL ES 2.0
  5. 3D Shooters for Doom
  6. 3D Shooters for Quake
  7. 3D Shooters for Quake II
  8. Fun With Bluetooth Controllers
  9. Designing and Porting to Android TV
  10. Deployment and Compilation Tips
  11. Discovering Android Wear

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