[Update] Process Lasso Pro – Hardcore system process automatic optimizer

Process Lasso is a unique system process automatic optimizer. Its working principle is dynamically and reasonably adjusting the priority of each process based on its special algorithm, so as to realize the purpose of alleviating burdens on system.

It has been found that Process Lasso can effectively avoid the blue screen of death; suspended animation (Not Responding) of system, program or progress; some processes taking up too much CPU time, etc. At the same time Process Lasso also has many additional features, such as the foreground process boosting; the working set maintaining; processes blacklist, and so on.

// Pro Version Key Features //

  • ProBalance
  • Persistent (Sticky) CPU priority classes
  • Persistent (Sticky) CPU affinities
  • Persistent (Sticky) CPU I/O priorities
  • Persistent (Sticky) Memory page priorities
  • Disallowed processes
  • ProBalance I/O restraints
  • ProBalance CPU Affinity based restraints
  • Energy Saver – Save energy without sacrificing Performance
  • Hyper-threaded core avoidance
  • Temporary Keep Awake
  • Foreground Boosting
  • Control Power Profiles
  • Control CPU Core Parking
  • Virtual Memory Trim Automation
  • Automate Power Profiles
  • Automate CPU Core Parking
  • Gaming Mode
  • Application Power Profiles
  • Process Watchdog (memory and CPU limits)
  • Instance count limits
  • Automatic gaming mode
  • CPU throttling
  • Anti-sleep processes
  • Keep processes running
  • Core engine as service
  • TweakScheduler tool
  • MultiMedia Scheduler tool
  • Access to older versions
  • Premium Support
  • Everything else

In brief, with Process Lasso, you will find all the software run much faster or have smoother operations now. Yet the reason is very simple – Process Lasso fully takes advantage of the multiple CPU cores on your system that have been idle before (by default, the system and most software use only one CPU to work, and have to launch another CPU until overload, so that the other CPUs are almost permanently idle and wasteful). Meanwhile, Process Lasso releases and re-distributes the occupied RAM resource in more reasonable ways, to further enhance the system performance.

In addition, Process Lasso will automatically and intelligently optimize your system resources (Progresses, CPUs and RAM) in the background in real time, and definitely not change any existing system configuration. Plus, Process Lasso is suitable for both general home users and professional work environments.

// Edition Statement //

Below you can download the the universal keygen + patch for all versions of Process Lasso Professional edition (including both 32-bit & 64-bit, multiple languages). Tested working on v7.2.2.1, v7.4 and v8.8.8.8.

// Installation Notes //

  1. Download and install the program from official site
  2. Do not launch or exit the program
  3. Open the keygen, and click “Patch HOSTS file
  4. Then click “Generate” and exit keygen
  5. Copy the generated licence files (ProcessLasso.key and .portable) to the installation directory (like “C:\Program Files\Process Lasso“)
  6. (This step is not necessary all all time)Double click “ProcessLasso.key” and apply with yes
  7. All done, enjoy!

// Prompts //

  1. For game or video playing progress, you should right click it and select the “Classify as a game”
  2. Don’t try to use Process Lasso on itself/safety-related software (like antivirus tool)/key service or process of system…
  3. Through “Options” – “Log settings” – select the “Clear log at each exit” and “Keep log pruned” to effectively reduce the number of log
  4. Suggest to keep Process Lasso start with Windows, in order to optimizer your system in real time

// Related Links //

// Download URLs //

Edition Version 32-bit Installer 64-bit Installer Universal Keygen + Patch
Workstation Edition Latest AppNee.com AppNee.com
Server Edition Latest AppNee.com AppNee.com


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