Programming Pearls, 1st & 2nd Editions HD PDF

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AppNee believes that many wise ideas and thoughts in Programming Pearls can still make many programmers benefit a lot even after decades of years. In Programming Pearls, 2nd Edition, Jon Bentley thoroughly updated most of material in the first edition, and rewrote all the original example programs.

If I let programmers list their favorite programming books, Jon Bentley’s Programming Pearls will be always located in the classic status. Through some elaborately designed and interesting applications with guiding significance, the book gives clear and witty description to the practical programming skills and basic design principles, so as to provides distinct and complete solutions for complex problems in programming.

In short, Programming Pearls is one of the greatest classic computer science books that combines deep thoughts, practical technologies and interesting anecdotes in a furnace. Hence, it is really worthy for all levels of programmers to read repeatedly, such as to truly appreciate the beauty of computer science.

// Table Of Contents //

  • Column 1 Cracking the Oyster
  • Column 2 Aha! Algorithms
  • Column 3 Data Structures Programs
  • Column 4 Writing Correct Programs
  • Column 5 A Small Matter of Programming
  • Column 6 Perspective on Performance
  • Column 7 The Back of the Envelope
  • Column 8 Algorithm Design Techniques
  • Column 9 Code Tuning
  • Column 10 Squeezing Space
  • Column 11 Sorting
  • Column 12 A Sample Problem
  • Column 13 Searching
  • Column 14 Heaps
  • Column 15 Strings of Pearls
  • Appendix 1 A Catalog of Algorithms
  • Appendix 2 An Estimation Quiz
  • Appendix 3 Cost Models for Time and Space
  • Appendix 4 Rules for Code Tuning
  • Appendix 5 C++ Classes for Searching

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