[PSX] 1on1 (One on One) – Single Basketball (J) ROM download

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1on1 (One on One) – Single Basketball is a classic fighting style basketball game on Sony PSone platform, which is almost disappeared from the Internet.

The characters in this PSone video game are designed by the famous Japanese manga artist Inoue Takehiko – the author of SLAM DUNK (スラムダンク). Each character has its own characteristics, from the ball controlling movement, guarding and shooting skills to special skills.

The design of 1on1 – Single Basketball is not only very close to the actual basketball sport with flexible operations, we can also get fun like fighting games. And the most important thing is that this game has a very good balance sytstem, so worthy of recommendation.

// How to play //

  1. download the game rom (below) and emulator (ePSXe)
  2. uncompress the archived rom file
  3. open ePSXe, File -> Run ISO -> select the ‘.cue’ or ‘.bin’ file to load and play

// Download URLs //

Download blue boder Fast Link Page (117 MB | No Homepage)