[PSX] Castlevania Chronicles ROM + Emulator download

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Castlevania Chronicles (ANA: 悪魔城年代記, 悪魔城ドラキュラ, キャッスルヴァニアクロニクル, Kyassuruvania Kuronikuru) is indeed a 2-in-1 edition released in 2001 for the PlayStation console with added features (e.g. Arranged Mode) than the original work released for the Sharp X68000 home computer in 1993.

Castlevania Chronicles contains the original and the remake two editions. The original edition restores the original appearance of the old work in 1993 as best as they can; the remake edition enhances the partial sound effects and reorganizes the background music. The overall process is divided into eight levels, implements most exquisite features of enemy and trap design in famous side-scrolling games. Fascinating and is praised by many Castlevania fan players.

Besides, in the secondary weapon system, in addition to the classic weapons like throwing knife, holy water, axe, cross dart and pocket watch, Castlevania Chronicles also introduced the herbs for players, which can gather player’s strength more easily, but it will cost a lot of hearts.

// Edition Statement //

Castlevania Chronicles was released as the Japanese and English two different language editions. Besides all the same content with the Japanese edition, the English edition also contains additional content such as game production personnel interview and original game paintings. In addition, the difficulty of the English edition is higher.

BTW, you can also find this work on the Sony PS3 platform as PSone Classic, whose content is the same as the English edition.

// Download URLs //

Region ROM + Emulator Size
US 365 MB
JP 273 MB

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