[PSX] LEGEND ROM + Emulator download

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LEGEND (AKA: Knights of Carnage) is a classic ACT game on PlayStation console, ever been planed to release as Knights of Carnage in North American. About 8 years ago I played this game by chance on a PSone console for TV, I like it not only because its rareness and 3D graphics, but also because its old (retro) but cool action design.

Recently I remembered it again, finally i got it (PS ISO ROM), that’s really a big exciting harvest. Fortunately, LEGEND can be perfectly run under ePSXe emulator. If you are a fan of Golden Axe on the MD platform, then you should enjoy this game.

You have to choose one of three characters and go the hard way, which you will encounter a variety of opponents with whom you will be able to cope not only with his fists, but also weapons and firearms.

The game is better than playing alone, it contributes to a better location and the camera a lot of enemies here so that alone is not easy you have to …

In this game you will be able to show their ability to wield a sword, ax and a crossbow. On a fully three dimensional level, you will meet with minotaurs, cyclops, raptors, skeletons, zombies and other evil spirits.

// Game Info //

  • Year: 1998
  • Genre: ACT
  • Developer: Toka
  • Publisher: FUNSOFT
  • Code disc (ID): SLES-00730
  • Platform: PS
  • Region: PAL
  • Media: CD×1
  • Language: ENG
  • Multiplayer: 1~2x
  • Type of image: *. MDS / *. MDF / ISO
  • Simulation case: Simulating well under ePSXe 1.8.0

// Controls //

  • Attack: Square
  • Kick: Triangle
  • Jump: Cross
  • Pickup: Circle
  • Block: R1
  • Heavy Attack: Hold R2 and attack

// Combination Skills //

  • Combo 1: Hold R1 + R2 and input S, S, S, S
  • Combo 2: Hold R1 + R2 and input S, T, T, S
  • Combo 3: Hold R1 + R2 and input S, T, O, S
  • Super Combo: Hold R1 + R2 and input O, O, S, T, S (Consumes all of special bar)
  • Frog Magic: Hold R1 + R2 and input X, S (3 Magic Phials)
  • Fire Magic: Hold R1 + R2 and input X, T (2 Magic Phials)
  • Ice Magic: Hold R1 + R2 and input X, O (1 Magic Phial)

// Fan Made Demo Video //

// Download URLs //

Emulator Format Download Size
ePSXe, pSX ISO 5.42 MB
MDF 382 MB

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