[v8.3] R-Studio – Claim to be the savior of damaged data on hard drive

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As a highly flexible and very comprehensive, complete solution for data recovering and undeleteing, the R-Studio from Canada that claims to be the savior of data on a damaged hard disk, to a certain extent, has become the preferred one among similar data recovery software.

Compared with many similar tools, it is worth mentioning that, R-Studio supports both local (including mobile hard drive, badly damaged disk, disk that can not be read, etc.) and network storage devices (that means it can restore the data on other computer’s hard disk through a network connection) along with a variety of file system formats and OS platforms, and provides a large number of parameter settings for advanced users to obtain the best recovery result. Another special is, outside the standard way of disk installation, R-Studio also supports the widely-used RAID disk array system in many companies.

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AppNee provides you with the R-Studio Network Edition full installers + unlocked files + license codes or reg key files, along with its portable full registered version for Windows 32-bit and 64-bit.

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  • Run R-Studio as administrator if required (especially for the ThinApp type of portable version).

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License Version Type Download Size
Network Edition v8.0 Portable 56.8 MB
v7.8 Portable 65.5 MB
Setup 56.7 MB
v8.3 Normal Portable 36.8 MB
ThinApp Portable 49.3 MB