Raiden Legacy for PC & Android Portable Full version

Raiden Legacy is indeed an excellent official remake version of the classic arcade game Raiden (雷電) series for PC and Android platforms. It includes Raiden, Raiden Fighters, Raiden Fighters 2 and Raiden Fighters Jet 4 editions in one game, which allows you to fully experience the nostalgia.

As a classic scrolling shooting arcade game, Raiden was originally developed by Seibu Kahaitsu Inc, and this time it was remade, enhanced with brand-new features by DotEmu SAS. Such as, 3 new game modes, 2 difficulty modes, remastered high definition new soundtrack and fully customizable controls.

// Game Modes //

  • Arcade Mode – just like the original
  • Mission Mode – allows you to play any unlocked stage
  • Training Mode – allows you to excel at your favorite stages and practice the most difficult ones

Maybe the graphics and special effects of Raiden Legacy are still not so magnificent as Dodonpachi and 虫姫さま, but its background sound effects have a strong sense of rhythm. Various aircrafts’ explosive sounds, the voices of fighter aircrafts shuttling among the clouds and the roar sound of lightning…. All in all, as one great work of scrolling shooting arcade game, Raiden Legacy was welcomed by most players.

// Edition Statement //

Here you can get the Raiden Legacy v2.0.0.6 Portable full version for PC and v1.8.5 APK for Android with full data package.

// How to Play on Android //

  1. Download and install the Android APK (.apk file) on your android phone
  2. Download the Android Data package and decompress
  3. Copy the ‘com.dotemu.raidenlegacy‘ folder to this directory ‘SD Card/Android/data
  4. Start the game and enjoy! (it will require to connect Internet do update some files for the first running)

// Download URLs //

Version PC Portable Android APK Android Data
v2.0.0.6 N/A N/A
v1.8.5 N/A


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