[v2.13.1] Rainlendar – Most beautiful and powerful desktop calendar

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Rainlendar is a very beautiful desktop calendar application, I’m deeply attracted by it at the sight of Rainlendar: beautiful but practical, simple yet powerful.

On the calendar, Rainlendar makes different icons represent different events or tasks, at a glance, you will know which day to test, which day to travel…. It can even be completely integrated into the Windows desktop background. Moreover, Rainlendar Lite is free, supports for multiple languages, and is cross-platform (supports Windows, Mac and Linux). In addition, there are so many skins that can be downloaded from many third-party sites (as links below).

// Key Features //

  • Events and Tasks
  • Alarms
  • Standards Based (iCalendar format)
  • Highly Customizable
  • Shared & 3rd Party Calendars
  • Platform Independent
  • Multiple languages

// Edition Statement //

Rainlendar includes Lite and Pro Editions, the Lite version is completely free, it just lacks of several inessential network functions than the Pro version, like network sharing, Outlook and Google Calendar support and Remember the Milk supports. Other local functions such as import/export, printing and the Lua scripts supports, Rainlendar makes everything needed ready. Thus, for individual users it is sufficient enough.

Anyway, AppNee also provides you with the Rainlendar Pro Edition portable full registered versions for Windows.

// Rainlendar Skins //

You can find Rainlendar skins from these sites:

// Download URLs //

Lite Editionv2.13.1[v2.13.1] Rainlendar – Most beautiful and powerful desktop calendar (mir)n/a
Pro EditionLatest32-bit | 64-bit18.9 MB | 22.0 MB