RamCleaner – Handy RAM releaser and manager for boosting PC speed

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Because early Windows OS (especially before Windows 7) exists inherent defects on RAM management mechanism. As a result, it’s quite common to slow down after running for some time or several large programs. Especially when many programs are running at the same time, which often leads to the RAM exhaustion and Windows crash.

RamCleaner is a lightweight, practical RAM optimization utility, it can help users to clean up the memory fragments, release the excessive consumption, in order to make sure there is enough memory to supply new running programs, so as to improve the running speed of computer.

The process of cleaning up memory can be done manually by the user, also can be given to RamCleaner to handle automatically in the background. In addition, RamCleaner enables you to clearly monitor the computer RAM, CPU and Page File usage in real time.

If you don’t know how to set up the software to release the memory, just let RamCleaner automatically do that for you, which is enough to ensure that our computer can’t crash frequently due to insufficient or exhausted of memory resource.

// Key Features //

  • Increase The Speed of Your Computer
  • Make Your RAM More Efficient
  • Recover 100% of memory leaks
  • Reduce Windows and Application Crashes
  • Helps Stop Internet Explorer Freezing and Crashing
  • Control running applications for better performance
  • See exactly how much memory you have at all times
  • Automatic RAM optimization
  • Change process priority
  • Time interval optimization
  • Processes Manager
  • CPU information and usage monitor
  • Optimize RAM is reached X MB
  • Shows cleaning progress

// Edition Statement //

This is the RamCleaner v7.1 Final portable full registered version, made by BytePlayeR and SnD team.

// Download URLs //

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