Real Desktop – Get the reality on your desktop

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This is an interesting application which can let your desktop has the realistic 3D effect, after running Real Desktop, your desktop will become a big box, all the icons inside can be drag and drop at will, and then can crash into each other or stack up. Especially the lovely Recycle Bin, here it is almost the same as the real rubbish bin.

BTW, when dragging or dropping icons on desktop, that will accompany with realistic physical effects, if you are not a little more careful, then the icons you just sorted will become mussy at once.

// Key Features //

  • 3D sound
  • Anti-aliasing
  • No performance loss when static
  • Minimal resources occupation
  • Very vivid, benefited from the “Reality Engine”
  • Icon reflection
  • Theme background reflection
  • Multiple languages support

// Edition Statement //

This is the Real Desktop Standard Edition, free for use!

// Warning //

This is an ad-supported application, so please do pay attention while installing!

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// Download URLs //

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