[v1.2.0b] Rogue Legacy – Highly creative 2D, 8-bit Rogue-like indie game

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Rogue Legacy is a pixel & retro style and rogue-like (in fact that’s Castlevania-like, I think) action adventure game. The entire game features graphics & systems restoring the ancient ways and cartoon characters.

As a rare and unique small indie game, Rogue Legacy comes with very rich story line, profound and complex 2D action & roguelike game design. Under tough challenges, it’s pretty high playability and creative characteristic systems (world rebirth after death, unfulfilled wish and wealth inheritance, etc.). In sum, this game sends out addictive attraction for most Castlevania fan players.

// Key Features //

  • Randomly generated maps and enemies
  • Every death makes your bloodline grow stronger
  • Different role characteristics
  • More than 60 kinds of enemies
  • Large-scale and prolongable skills tree
  • Allows to upgrade your buildings
  • Equip your hero with powerful armors and weapons
  • Acquire new skills such as flight, sprint, double-jump
  • A lot of secrets and Easter Eggs for players to explore
  • ….

// System Requirements //

  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5
  • Microsoft XNA Framework Redistributable 4.0

// Official Demo Video //

// Edition Statement //

AppNee provides the Rogue Legacy portable full registered versions for Windows.

// Download URLs //

v1.2.0b123 MB