RomCenter – Popular and handy universal video game ROMs manager

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There are mainly two software dedicated to manage emulator ROMs of video games: ClrMAMEPro and RomCenter. By contrast, ClrMAMEPro is more accurate and has more powerful features; while the advantages of RomCenter are more intuitive and much easier to use. Therefore, the later is more welcomed by ordinary players.

As one of essential tools for emulator players, RomCenter not only comes with beautiful user interface, but also is easy to set up and get started. In particular, its calibration and management speed can satisfy most players. Anyway, with RomCenter, we can manage video game collections supported by an emulator with ease.

// Two Major Abilities //

  • View all games supported by an emulator plus all the games you have in your collection for it
  • Fix missing or bad-named games and ROMs in your collection so they can be playable by the emulator

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