[v5.0.37] Rosetta Stone – Award-winning foreign languages learning tool

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Rosetta Stone is a powerful and professional multimedia language teaching/learning software sweeping the world 200+ countries. It’s anti-grammar-teaching and anti-translation, fully based on the full application of brain science research results, there is no other languages joined.

The languages library provided by Rosetta Stone contains 30+ easy to understand and interesting language learning courses including some other small languages, all of which can satisfy the needs of users learning foreign languages furthest! In short, if you are going to learn a foreign language and even several languages, be sure to try Rosetta Stone, AppNee assure you won’t be disappointed.

BTW, in the United States, Rosetta Stone’s large and high quality Language Library has been approved by the state department – used to train their diplomats. And in fact, the Department of Defense, NASA and some important organizations use it to train their employees too. More than ten years of practice has proved that Rosetta Stone is a fast, easy and effective way of learning most foreign languages, and it has been awarded the best foreign language enlightenment tool.

// Edition Statement //

AppNee provides you the Rosetta Stone full installers, universal unlocked files for Rosetta Stone v4.x.x & v5.x.x (LocalApp.swf, signatures.xml) and the most important, complete all-country language packs (released in torrent format) + audio companions, for Windows.

// Installation Notes //

  1. First of all, add the following lines to your hosts file manually or just run the ‘AppNee.hosts_blocker.cmd‘ as admin instead:
    • rosettastone.com
    • launch.rosettastone.com
    • amp.rosettastone.com
    • resources.rosettastone.com
    • updates.rosettastone.com
  2. Now, install Rosetta Stone and do not run it
  3. Copy the unlocked files into Rosetta Stone’s installation directory and overwrite (like: C:\Program Files (x86)\Rosetta Stone\Rosetta Stone Language Training)
  4. Start Rosetta Stone,  if you see the ‘Activation Window‘ asking for a serial number, simply select the ‘Activated Products‘ tab and then click ‘Continue
  5. All done, enjoy!

// How to install a language pack //

  1. Exit program, copy the desired languages (.rsd files) to:
    • Windows XP: “%Documents and Settings%\All Users\Application Data\Rosetta Stone\Language Training\AutoInstall”
    • Windows 7+: “C:\ProgramData\Rosetta Stone\Language Training\AutoInstall”
  2. Start program, it will detect the .rsd file and install it
  3. Once installed, the .rsd archive file is automatically transferred to the program’s subfolder
  4. Then a window will appear asking for a serial number, just select the ‘Activated Products‘ tab and click ‘Continue
  5. As for the language pack updates, you should also close the program first, and then copy the relevant .rsd update files to (Note: you may have to create the ‘Updates‘ folder if you can not see it):
    • Windows XP: “%Documents and Settings%\All Users\Application Data\Rosetta Stone\Language Training\Updates”
    • Windows 7+: “C:\ProgramData\Rosetta Stone\Language Training\Updates”
  6. Finally, open Rosetta Stone and it will update the language packs

// Prompts //

Do not block any applications of Rosetta Stone with a firewall, or it won’t run properly. That’s to say, you must block its access through the hosts file instead.

// Tips //

Advice from AppNee about any kind of language learning: Anytime, as long as you want to learn a foreign language and hope to (also should) achieve the level to communicate with the people of that country with no big , just go to live in that country for a few months. In that case, anybody can speak fluent foreign languages without having to spend time and money on learning lessons.

// Download URLs //

Full Installer
v5.0.37.43113[v5.0.37] Rosetta Stone – Award-winning foreign languages learning tool100 MB
All-Country Language Packs (A-Z in one)
Universal (torrent)38.1 GB
All Audio Companions
Universal (official)N/A