[v3.7] SCREEN2SWF – Record screen DEMO to self-play EXE or SWF

Do you want to record your desktop operation into a EXE, Flash or AVI video file? If so, do give Screen2SWF a try, which is a super easy, fast and user-friendly screen recording tiny app, specially designed for short time (<1 hours) recording.

Screen2SWF captures/records your desktop activities into EXE, SWF or AVI files for creating instant demos, tutorials and presentations at the highest compression ratio in the world, and doesn’t need any professional knowledge.

Screen2SWF can record the entire screen or part area, and generates a SWF file that can be played directly. In addition, it also allows to record the mouse moving trajectory and clicks, and captures voices synchronously through the microphone.

Screen2SWF introduces the original SSCV2 high compression algorithm, which can get the smallest file size, and is convenient to transmit and preserve. Besides, the generated demonstration video is close to the nondestructive quality, of course you can also choose the lower quality or  gray scale quality in order to get a smaller file size. Moreover, the generated file can be compressed further by compression application so as to greatly reduce the file size. All of these make Screen2SWF a rare screen recording software.

So, if you wanna to explain a operation process to somebody, despite you think you have expressed very clearly, but other maybe don’t understand at all. Now with Screen2SWF, it helps you record the operating process with ease, then directly let him/her see what you have done, don’t have to say anything.

// Key Features //

Feature List
  • Able to record screen activities on the desktop.
  • Records mouse movements and clicking.
  • Recording of speech from the microphone.
  • High speed screen recording capturing up to 30FPS with ‘Max’ mode
  • Ability to add text, images, annotations and music into your recorded video.
  • Add zoom in, focus, fade in/out effects.
  • Add delays or cut clips.
  • Ability to replace/re-dub audio
  • EXE self-play files and AVI files play screen records on any computer.
  • Flash movie (SWF file) (function With Screen2SWF only).
  • Online formats of MP4 and FLV.
  • Recordings have the best quality and scalable settings – from true colour mode to grayscale mode to ensure the best compromise between quality and file size.
The Smallest Movie Files Based on the advanced and specially designedSSCV2 , Sreen2EXE and Screen2SWF has the highest compression ratio in the world, compared to other screen recorders. A smaller file is very important when sharing your demo, tutorial or presentation via the Internet.

// Supported Output Formats //

  • EXE – with SSCV2, small file
  • SWF – with SSCV2, small file
  • FLV – no SSCV2, big file
  • MP4 – no SSCV2, big file
  • AVI – no SSCV2, big file

// Edition Statement //

AppNee provides the SCREEN2SWF portable full registered versions. And from v3.7, SCREEN2SWF and SCREEN2EXE all became officially free. And the whole program has stopped developing in 2015.

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// Download URLs //

Version Download Size
v3.7 Final  (mir) 4.14 MB
v3.6 3.61 MB
v3.2 2.88 MB


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