Serpent in the Staglands – Retro, high-playability new excellent RPG work

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Serpent in the Staglands is a classic RPG type indie game with retro & pixel style produced and released by Whalenought Studios. The game background was set in a period of wizard fever in the ancient Europe. At first glance, it is so outdated, of course, but when go deep into the gameplay, you will find the game content it contains is even much larger than today’s many huge RPG game works.

The retro graphics was produced in an ancient way of low-cost pixel style, on the gameplay it possesses a lot of rich elements, though. This includes the mainstream of Japanese RPG content and was added with a large number of classic puzzle gameplay. Players not only need to control their characters to fight, and should always pay attention to the hidden clues provided by the people and environment around him, because they all can decide the efficiency of stages finishing for players. Although there is no fierce fighting along with visual impact, the combat process full of strategy is more unforgettable for true gamers.

BTW, as a new role-playing game work, Serpent in the Staglands is very similar with the Wasteland 2 and Pillars of Eternity published during the same period. All of them are based on many popular game elements in the 90s, such as text dialogue, no cultivation for role class, high-difficulty, real-time suspension and open world map, etc.

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This is the Serpent in the Staglands v2.10.0.11 portable full registered version for Windows 64-bit only.

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