SimpleWebRTC – Build your own real-time video/audio/text chat room with ease

Why do we need to publish a post about this kind of web chatting app? After all, there have been too many video chat programs, such as ICQ, Pidgin, Miranda, Skype, TeamViewer, etc. Because sometimes we need to ensure that the communication is more privacy and exclusive (undisturbed), secure enough, and we can enjoy that anytime and anywhere.

SimpleWebRTC uses the lib of currently the easiest and most popular cutting edge technology around the world – WebRTC (Google’s free and open-source real-time communication project). As its name suggests, this simple video/audio/text group chatting web app totally dependents on the HTML5 and JavaScript techniques (i.e. a modern web browser), dispenses with the support of any browser plug-ins or third-party components – just make sure you have a non-vintage browser! SimpleWebRTC’s interface is very similar with the initial Chatroulette (from Russia). But the latter can not live without the missing Adobe Flash Player plugin!

How to use it? Just 3 steps – download the source code from official site, upload them into a web host, then visit the ‘index.html’ inside to enjoy a private audio/video group chatting room absolutely belongs to you right now! Sure, this only contains the most basic function initially, later, you can customize it further referring to the very simple tutorial and detailed documents provided by SimpleWebRTC official site.

BTW, If you don’t have a web host, have no idea about what that is, or are just too lazy to customize/design the one you like, then just use the ready-made and well-designed free web app Talky instead.

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WebRTC that is only available in Chrome, Firefox and Opera.

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Version Source Code Demo

(Homepage | GitHub

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