[v3.xx] SmartVersion – Store and distribute multiple versions of your file inside a single file

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Software developers or other computer product makers often encounter this situation: there are multiple versions for the same file, the problem is how to effectively manage and distribute them (for end-users)? If this is the case, I think SmartVersion can help you a lot. We can think of it as a storage, packaging and installing tool for multiple versions of the same product.

SmartVersion uses the intelligent file compression & comparison algorithms to store only the changes between different versions of a product in a single SVF file. This eliminates the redundant data in multiple versions, ensuring that the patches created for the new versions of some product are as small as possible in file size. Text-typed files (such as txt, html, doc) can get more significant compression effect in SmartVersion. Unlike other patching schemes, it can make an update patch working for multiple versions at the same time.

In a nutshell, SmartVersion generates the corresponding update patch files by tracking the operation information of file modification. That is, it merely stores and compresses the content that has been modified in the source file, so that you can use it to save any different versions of a product. Then end users can extract the separate version they need from the same one SVF file you send to them and update their product with ease and efficiency.

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AppNee provides the SmartVersion multilingual all versions universal registration code for Windows 32-bit and 64-bit.

// Installation Notes //

  1. Download SmartVersion from official site and extract
  2. Run program, enter “Options/Registering…
  3. Use the universal registration code above to register
  4. Done!

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