[SNES] Super Mario All-Stars – 25th Anniversary Edition

The familiar and famous Mario is back, with 5 retro Mario games all-in-one, also comes with 20 exciting music tracks, that will make you go back to childhood.

In 2010, in order to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Super Mario Bros., Nintendo released a collection edition for this classic game, as a Mario special edition pack for the Wii video game platform, with name “Super Mario All-Stars Limited Edition“, known as “Super Mario All-Stars – 25th Anniversary Edition” in Europe and Australia, and as “Super Mario Collection Special Pack” (スーパーマリオコレクション スペシャルパック) in Japan.

Indeed, before this edition, it was first released in 1994 as Super Mario All-Stars + Super Mario World (also known as Super Mario Collection in Japan) for Super Nintendo game console (also called Super Famicom in Japan).

Super Mario All-Stars – 25th Anniversary Edition covers all the star game characters of the released Mario game editions from 25 years ago to now. This Super Mario collection lets us remember and recall the wonderful “Mario game childhood time”.

// Key Features //

  • Four great games in one game pak!
  • Battery backed memory saves up to 4 players’ progress through every game!
  • Play alone or 2 players can alternate play!
  • New 16-bit graphics, sound, and other surprises!

// Games Included //

  • Super Mario Bros. (1985)
  • Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels (1986 Japan, known as Super Mario Bros. 2 For Super Players in Japan, unreleased in the U.S.A)
  • Super Mario Bros. 2 (1988)
  • Super Mario Bros. 3 (1990)
  • Super Mario World (1991, never released in Japan before)

Besides, along with the games, there is also a collection of Mario game music tracks – named “Super Mario History CD”, including the most exciting Mario game tunes in the past 25 years! The game and music tracks are all extracted from the official released Wii CD.

// Music Tracks //

  1. Super Mario Bros. – Overworld – 3:14
  2. Super Mario Bros. 2 – Overworld – 1:44
  3. Super Mario Bros. 3 – Athletic Theme – 1:16
  4. Super Mario World – Overworld – 1:56
  5. Super Mario 64 – Slider Theme – 2:47
  6. Super Mario Sunshine – Delfino Plaza – 3:02
  7. New Super Mario Bros. – Overworld – 3:01
  8. Super Mario Galaxy – Credits – 4:05
  9. New Super Mario Bros. Wii – Title Screen – 1:43
  10. Super Mario Galaxy 2 – Sky Station Galaxy/Main Theme – 2:00
  11. Super Mario Bros. – Coin – 0:05
  12. Super Mario Bros. – Jump – 0:04
  13. Super Mario Bros. – Power-up – 0:05
  14. Super Mario Bros. – 1-Up – 0:05
  15. Super Mario Bros. – Power-down – 0:05
  16. Super Mario Bros. – Timer 100 Second Warning 0:07
  17. Super Mario Bros. – Lose a Life – 0:06
  18. Super Mario Bros. – Game Over – 0:08
  19. Super Mario Bros. – Level Complete – 0:09
  20. Super Mario Bros. – World Complete – 0:10

// Official Demo Video //

// How Po Play //

Download the ROM below and open it with “Snes9X” to play.

// Download URLs //

ROM  |  1.04 MB
Music Tracks 53.5 MB


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