[SS] From TV Animation – Slam Dunk: I Love Basketball

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From TV Animation Slam Dunk: I Love Basketball (AKA: テレビアニメ スラムダンク I Love Basketball) is a basketball video game for Sega Saturn game console adapted from the classic Japanese manga and TV anime Slam Dunk. It was only released in Japan by BANDAI in 1995.

In game, there are a total of 6 teams choosable, that means From TV Animation – Slam Dunk: I Love Basketball has a not bad playability. However, the operation design of game is less friendly (yet still realistic enough) that a little affects the fluency during game. Anyway, as to game sound production, any Slam Dunk fan players have to admit that’s quite good. Hanamichi Sakuragi, Rukawa Kaede, Takenori Akagi, AKIRA SENDOH and others have a specialized dubber; and even spectators have their own proper cheering slogan. All of which makes it easy to take players into the game scenes.

In any event, after all this is the last official game work of Slam Dunk, which showed more attraction and playability than the former ones on MD, SFC or GB consoles. As a loyal fan of Slam Dunk, no matter how the game was designed, it is always worthy of collection. BTW, on Windows, you need to use the SSF emulator and Daemon Tools to enjoy it!

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