[v2.5.2] StartIsBack – Call classic Start Menu back to Windows 8/8.1/10

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StartIsBack (StartIsBack+, StartIsBack++, AKA: StartIsBack Plus, StartIsBack Plus Plus) is a series of auxiliary desktop enhancement software, specially designed for replacing the gaudy and notorious Metro UI of Window 8/8.1/10 with Windows XP/7’s classic and efficient start menu (has the most popular style and function) – which process can also be referred to as “Restore the classic start menu”.

StartIsBack is not only very compact and easy to use (without any complicated settings), and almost the most effective and perfect one among all similar tools. It contains flexible and diverse customization options (comes down to button, appearance, style, type, function and other configurations), and in particular, it has the fewest bugs. In addition, StartIsBack supports directly and instantly booting to the desktop after startup, so as to skip the Start screen navigation interface of Metro UI.

In a word, with StartIsBack, we can say goodbye to the whole Metro UI completely now, I mean really and totally!

// Edition Statement //

AppNee provides the Pre-Activated versions of StartIsBack, StartIsBack+ and StartIsBack++ for Windows 32-bit & 64-bit.

// Download URLs //

Version Supported OS Download Size
v2.1.2 Final Windows 8 918 KB
v1.7.0 Windows 8.1 1.11 MB
v1.7.5 1.17 MB
v1.7.6 coming n/a
v1.2.0 Windows 10 1.15 MB
v1.2.1 1.15 MB
v1.3.0 1.16 MB
v1.3.1 1.16 MB
v1.3.2 1.16 MB
v1.3.3 1.16 MB
v1.3.4 1.16 MB
v2.0.1 1.21 MB
v2.0.5 1.21 MB
v2.0.8 1.21 MB
v2.0.9 1.21 MB
v2.5 1.20 MB
v2.5.2 1.26 MB