Stereoscopic Player – Full-featured 3D movie dedicated player

With more and more 3D films come into our life, how to play them at home may be an age-old idea for many video players. Fortunately, we have the most powerful video playback software in stereoscopic video/audio industry – Stereoscopic Player.

Stereoscopic Player is absolutely the only leading one among similar products for now, whose working principle is making the normal 2D film play with the 3D effect through simulation! Since its launch in 2001, Stereoscopic Player has been always the first choice of stereo video playback software, which can support all the stereoscopic video formats on market at present, and is providing with the strong function of all kinds of common video players.

In addition, users can also download all kinds of video coding (CODEC) plugins, in order to make the Stereoscopic Player become a super video playback software for both 2D & 3D videos.

// Simple Tutorial about how to play 2D movie in 3D //
  1. Run Stereoscopic Player
  2. File -> Open Left and Right File…, just select the same 2D film in both ‘Left file’ and ‘Right file’ fields
  3. Click ‘OK’, enjoy!


  1. File -> Open File…, select a 2D film to play
  2. Use the arrow keys to adjust the amplitude of red/blue ghosting, until the stereoscopic feeling is obvious, (the regulating range is different from person to person)

// v2.3.x Universal Product Key //

  • Name: Administrator
  • Product Key: AHQNQ-YQEP6-BK6LS-6N5UF-5X6UB

*** Tested working for Stereoscopic Player v2.3.0 and v2.3.7 on Windows 8.1 Pro, as Site License.

// Installation Notes //

  1. download and install from official site
  2. run Stereoscopic Player, go to “Help/Enter Product Key…
  3. use the universal product key to register, enjoy!

*** If you like portable software better, you can also get the Stereoscopic Player v2.1.4 portable full registered version without time or function limitation, made by speedzodiac.

// Prompts //

  • For 2D (i.e., the most common film) or left/right, top/bottom formats of 3D movies, Stereoscopic Player is all you need; for a synthesized 3D film, any ordinary video player will be able to play it well.
  • If you want to let Stereoscopic Player support as many video formats as possible, just download and install an ultimate decoding pack (such as K-Lite Codec Pack), and after that Stereoscopic Player will be able to automatically identify any video format.

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// Download URLs //

Official Installer (v2.3.7) Portable Version (v2.1.4)


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