Streets of Rage 6: Turn The Tide Portable Full download

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Streets of Rage 6: Turn The Tide (ANA: Bare Knuckle VI: TTT, 怒之铁拳6: 力挽狂澜 or 怒铁Ⅵ: 拯救) is another fan made Streets of Rage remake game, as the upgrade version of Bare knuckle Vacuum. It was cooperatively developed by two Chinese amateur enthusiast players Anking and VC using OpenBOR, took a year and a half of their spare time.

// Key Features //

  • 4 game modes
  • 2 branch story lines
  • 9 playable characters (4 hidden)
  • Scores and levels can be archived
  • Different weapons for different characters
  • Combo system

In addition to the preferential absorption of levels and elements from Streets of Rage 3, 4, 5, Bare knuckle Vacuum and Streets of Rage: XXX, Streets of Rage 6: Turn The Tide also perfectly implanted many other similar games’ settings (such as the gameplot and character setting of Double Dragon, the diversified and coherent action design in Final Fight and Warriors Of Fate, etc.), as well as their original settings. All of these is enough to let players get back many familiar passion from arcade era in the game. Of course, more fun needs players to slowly experience.

// Download URLs //

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