SU Podium – Most popular photo-realistic rendering plugin for SketchUp

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SU Podium is a vast, intuitive and easy-to-use photo-realistic rendering plugin for Google’s SketchUp, which can achieve impressive photo-like image effects. With it, you can create beautiful and high-fidelity SketchUp model rendering effect, without painful learning of complex rendering process.

SU Podium is perfectly integrated into SketchUp. It takes SU’s consistent simple UI (that only takes a few minutes to completely master it) with two major options for decision on the light and reflection values of each surface and totally runs within SketchUp from start to finish. Again, it also uses the function of SketchUp, including the surface, texture, view, background, shadow, etc.

In short, anyone who is familiar with SketchUp modelling will find that SU Podium is extremely easy to use and efficient. That’s to say, there is no need to study any complex rendering techniques.

// SU Podium V.S. V-Ray //

V-Ray is complicated, you have to adjust many parameters. But the products it renders are more realistic, comes with stronger material effects. By contrast, SU Podium is faster, has very few parameters need to adjust. Yet it is basically weak on material, and only suitable for rendering some conceptual models.

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These are the SU Podium plugins along with activators for Google SketchUp on Windows (both 32-bit and 64-bit).

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