Subtitle Edit – Create/adjust/sync/translate any formats of video subtitles

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People who like to watch movies probably have encountered such a situation: the cineframe or sound track is not synchronized with the subtitles. Watching films like this is wasting the film itself and our time, and that’s really a mental torture at the same time! While don’t worry, we can use some software to easily adjust/correct the movie subtitles.

Subtitle Edit is free, open-source and universal text-format-based video subtitles editing tool written by Nikolaj Lynge Olsson from Denmark. It can read/write/convert 200+ subtitle formats in all languages/encodings (ANSI, UTF-8, and other Unicode).

Subtitle Edit integrates the advantages of many subtitle editors (such as error checking, merging, splitting, editing based on time axis, etc.) in one place. Plus, it supports real-time preview of subtitles. From the perspective of design, this is based on GStreamer, which is up-and-coming. Its another handy feature is setting the position and duration of subtitle through the waveform of audio track. Although this still requires the skills of making subtitles, it can yet be regarded as a very good supplementary means.

// Supported Subtitle Formats //

  • SubRip (*.srt)
  • ABC iView
  • Adobe Encore
  • Advanced Sub Station Alpha
  • AQTitle
  • Avid
  • CapMaker Plus (*.cap, binary)
  • Captionate
  • Cavena890 (*.890, binary)
  • Cheetah Caption (*.cap, binary)
  • D-Cinema (Cinecanvas, both interop and smpte)
  • Dvd Studio Pro
  • Dvd Subtitle
  • EBU Subtitling data exchange format (*.stl, binary)
  • F4 (several variations)
  • Flash xml
  • Json (two variations, for use with JavaScript)
  • MicroDvd
  • MPlayer2
  • OpenDvt
  • PAC (*.pac, binary)
  • Pinnacle Impression
  • QuickTime Text
  • RealTime Text
  • Scenarist
  • Sony DVD Architect
  • Sub Station Alpha
  • SubViewer 1.0
  • SubViewer 2.0
  • Sami (*.smi)
  • Son (*.son, import only)
  • Subtitle Editor Project
  • Timed Text 1.0 (*.xml), also know as TTML or DFXP
  • Timed Text Draft (*.xml)
  • TMPlayer
  • TTXT
  • TurboTitle
  • Ulead Subtitle Format
  • Ultech (*.cap, binary, only read)
  • UTX
  • WebVTT
  • YouTube Annotations
  • YouTube Sbv
  • Zero G
  • Xml
  • Csv
  • VobSub (*.sub/*.idx, binary – can also be read from Matroska/mp4 files)
  • DVD Vob (*.vob, binary, read only)
  • Blu-ray sup (*.sup, binary, can also be read from Matroska files)
  • Bdn xml (*.xml + png images, read+write)
  • + several formats of unknown name

// System Requirements //

  • Microsoft .NET Framework Version 4.0+

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