Super Mary Cat – Abnormal Inoue Toro Cat Edition of Classic Super Mario

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Super Mary Cat (the original Japanese name: し ょ ぼ ん の ア ク シ ョ ン, AKA:Open Syobon Action) is a kuso version of the classic Super Mario game, when gaming there are too many challenges waiting for you, this let us complain about the author’s tricks, meanwhile, we can’t help feeling so much interest. Just because of this, Super Mary Cat has become a must-play Super Mario remake for its fans.

Super Mary Cat is the most difficult, most abnormal one in all the Super Mario remake editions, it topples all previous Super Mario games’ thought, if you like a challenge you must have a try!

[ Key Features ]

  • Super hard to play
  • Really tricky and funny
  • 8 levels
  • Additional “Mysterious Dungeon” level
  • Portable and free

[ Controls ]

  • Arrow keys – move left/right/jump
  • Z – jump up
  • Space (press and hold) – 2 times faster
  • O – self-destruction
  • F1 – reset game
  • ESC – exit game

[ Cheats & Hints ]

When in the main game interface, press and hold number 1 to 8 keys first, and press the “Enter” key at the same time, then you will enter into and play at any stage of the 8 levels; press “0” key, you will go into the “Mysterious Dungeon” level (which is different every time).

// Download URLs //

Version Edition Download Size
RC2 Original 4.88 MB
v0.85 Beautified 2.83 MB