Super Vampire Ninja Zero – Mighty female Ninja challenges the vampire family

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Super Vampire Ninja Zero is free sandbox based small indie game developed by Batovi Games Studio, with pixel and arcade fighting (beat ’em up) styles. Although the whole game has only 5 MB file size, it contains up to five game modes.

The official said: Super Vampire Ninja Zero is a sneak peek of what is going to be a bigger game with more depth, characters, stages and much, much more! This means that not for long we will enjoy Batovi Games Studio’s another similar cool and excellent indie game work.

// Game Mode //

  • Normal Mode – where you must defeat a finite sequence of enemies
  • Time Attack – where you must survive enemy waves for 5 minutes
  • Coop Survival – where you team up with an AI controlled character
  • Practice – where non aggressive enemies will spawn endlessly
  • Enemy Test – where you play as any one of the enemies

// Game Controls //

  • Arrow keys – move
  • Q – melee attack
  • W – dribble attack
  • E – jump
  • A – unique skill
  • S – defense
  • D – rush

// Download URLs //

Direct Fast Link Page (Homepage)