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PhotoLine – AppNee calls it the Mini-Edition of Photoshop

PhotoLine is a lightweight, efficient, fast and easy-to-use image processing software from Germany, it seems to be becoming popular. AppNee likes to regard it as a mini version of Photoshop, this is not just because they have very similar UI and functions.

Slam Dunk all video game ROMs + Emulators in one place

Slam Dunk all video game ROMs + Emulators in one place

As is known to all, Slam Dunk is Inoue Takehiko (井上雄彦)'s master manga work. Accordingly, many game works with the same name emerged at the right moment. But there are mainly 3 Slam Dunk games are celebrated, that is: the version on SNES/SFC (Super Family Computer) platform with cartoon style; the most popular version on Sega Mega Drive console; and the totally orthodox sports game version for MAME with the highest playability.

Cave Story+ for PC Portable Full versions download

You can see the game introduction of Cave Story in Cave Story original edition and Cave Story 3D, so AppNee did not make repetition. Here we just talk about Cave Story+ (AKA: Cave Story Plus) this HD remake edition for Windows platform, collaboratively developed by an independent game developer NICALiS and Daisuke Amaya.