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Free Video to GIF Converter – Convert video to GIF animated image with ease

If want to show part or all content of some video in the form of GIF animation, a long time ago, we could do it like this (troublesome): use Free Video to JPG converter or similar tools to make screenshots continuously to get an images collection; then use AnimateGif-like tool to combine them into one GIF image. But now one much better and easier way is using Free Video to GIF Converter.

Wink – Popular freeware tutorial and DEMO creator

If wanta capture the screen picture, you can get it by using the "Print Screen" key easily, or use the capture software similar to SnagIt to capture. But if you want to record down the computer operation screens in Windows, how to do that? Or you want to get some computer operation steps recorded into a instructional film or a Flash file, so use which kind of software will be more convenient?