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AVG PC TuneUp – Get a faster, cleaner, longer lasting PC

TuneUp Utilities was originally a heavyweight, humanized and easy-to-use system cleaning, optimizing, repairing & maintaining utility (software suite) for Windows with a long history of development (started in 1997) from Germany. After acquired by AVG Technologies (formerly Grisoft from Czech Republic) from Netherlands in 2011, it was renamed to AVG PC TuneUp.

[v1.3.0.8] Terraria for PC, Android, iPhone Portable Full versions

Terraria is a popularity pixel-style indie game nicknamed the 2D side-scrolling edition of the famous sandbox game Minecraft, which was launched on PC in as early as 2011. But personally I thought it was just in terms of its randomness and pixel style, for the game system design it was inspired most from the Clonk Rage. Of course, it's really as fascinating as Minecraft.