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The SAS Survival Handbook, Second Revised & Third Editions HD PDF, EPUB

John Wiseman wrote this complete series of survival tutorial (The SAS Survival Handbook) with his own rich experience in half life time of military career. It is intended to teach people how to survive in the open air, including land, sea, desert, remote place on the earth, as well under as any bad or dire weather, environment.

A Passage to India HD PDF, EPUB, MOBI

As the famous English writer E. M. Forster's master novel work, A Passage to India was created based on his real experience of two trips in India in the early twentieth century. The book was also known as the last traditional realism classic in the 20th century of Britain. Because it is clear that the traditional English novels is enveloped under the huge shadow of Charles Dickens all the time.

The Jigsaw Man by Paul Britton Scanned PDF

Paul Britton - long engaged in the clinical research of psychology and the real evidence work of criminal psychology, has an almost mythical status in the crime detection field. The Jigsaw Man was his first-hand narration for some shocking cases he presided over in the past, which also makes this book become a groundbreaking writing on psychological analysis of criminals and judgment reference of criminal cases.

Collins gem SAS Survival Guide Scanned PDF download

Collins gem SAS Survival Guide Scanned PDF download

Have you ever thought about this - how to survive in the wild with only plants, or what to do when you get lost and how to build a shelter, and so forth. Collins gem SAS Survival Guide will give you the answer. No matter you are camping, hiking, sailing, or engaging in other outdoor activities, if you have read this book, it could save your life some day, some place.

Harry Potter Series 1-7 Boxed Set Hardcover Ultimate collection

Harry Potter Series has a total of 7 volumes which have swept around the world that has been translated into nearly 70 different languages, with accumulative total sales of more than 350 million copies in more than worldwide 200 countries. It was rated as one of the most popular four children's fictions, and became the most successful children's idol succeeding Mickey Mouse, Snoopy, Garfield and other famous cartoon figures. This has to be taken as a miracle in the literary history.