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Songtrix Gold – Essential creative workshop for musicians

Songtrix Gold is a music creating software that includes music theory, which can be seen as a set of comprehensive multimedia teaching materials clear and concisely explain what the music is. In the music theory part, it came with more than 118 topics, and illustrated with 350 diagrams and 750 demonstration sounds.

MagicScore – Classic music note composing & editing tool

MagicScore is a classic, wonderful and lightweight music score editing and composition software, provides a wealth of options specially for students and teachers in the music college, as well as many amateur music lovers. For both people who are interested in music creation and professionals specifically involved in music, they all can use it to complete their music creation.

Synthesia – Best and most professional desktop virtual piano

Synthesia (formerly called Piano Hero, changed name to avoid confusion with Guitar Hero) is a very cool, user friendly and lightweight virtual piano game type of software. It can simulate the piano keyboard on your screen, mapping with the computer keyboard, so as to enable piano enthusiasts who even completely can't understand the musical notation to learn how to play piano with ease.