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[v10.2.6] GoodSync – #1 cross-platform file/folder sync utility

GoodSync is a very famous, simple but user-friendly and reliable automatic file/folder backup/sync utility. It can quickly and automatically analyze, compare and then sync or backup your files/folders among a variety of local or online storage spaces on multiple devices or platforms.

moveAddict – Take Windows’ Ctril+C/X/V shortcuts to Mac OS X

Mac OS uses the method of drag & drop to achieve the function of cut/paste files by default. As to keyboard shortcuts operation, it only supports for simple content such as text or image, and is invalid to the Finder file manager. But many users turned to Mac OS X from Windows have been accustomed to use shortcuts to operate computer, as a result, this undoubtedly becomes very inconvenient (under Windows, Ctril + C/X/V is so efficient).

ClipX – Best free clipboard enhancing tool

Almost every day we need to repeat copying/pasting operations countlessly, yet the Windows built-in clipboard can only hold one record every time, and disappears immediately after shutdown; Storing them in a plain text document does not support multimedia file formats; Using Office document instead, neither does that support shortcut link and other special formats, nor the multimedia typesetting format is easy to control in style; In particular, separating text content and media files is always not a good idea.

Path Copy Copy – Copy paths or names of multiple files/folders with one-click

Path Copy Copy – Copy paths or names of multiple files/folders with one-click

In Windows Explorer and some cases, we maybe need to copy many names of a bunch of files/folders one by one. There is only one traditional method - manually click files/folders and then copy/paste their names; and it would become more troublesome if you want to get their full paths - you have to right click every file/folder to enter its properties and then copy the full path from the 'Location' field.

CLCL – Practical clipboard history caching, recording utility

Copying (Ctrl + C) & pasting (Ctrl + V) functions greatly improve the efficiency of computer office. But the Windows built-in clipboard can only hold one record, which becomes the biggest limit to the Coping/Pasting function. Especially, copying/pasting the same content repeatedly often makes people tired and makes it easier to make mistakes.

Copy Handler – File/folder copying and moving full-control

Copy Handler is a copying/moving enhancement application, in addition to accelerating the file copying/moving speed, it also provides the pause-and-resume capability (e.g. if there is a sudden interruption in the process of copying/moving, then when you open Copy Handler next time, it will continue to finish the last transfer without any impact), intelligent copying, customizable multi-source copying and so on.