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ScreenToGif – Record screen as GIF animation

For users who often need to make all kinds of demonstration tutorials, instead of recording screen actions into a huge video file or converting the demo video to a GIF animation image, it is better to directly record the actions on screen as GIF with one step. And compared with similar GIF screen-capture software, the outstanding one is undoubtedly ScreenToGif.

Adobe Captivate Portable Lite Edition for Windows

As a user-friendly and classic screen recording software, Adobe Captivate makes any people who has no programming knowledge or multimedia editing skills be able to quickly create Flash based interactive content (such as powerful and attractive simulation, software demonstration and training based on scenario), and doesn't need the user to learn Flash technology at all.

SCREEN2EXE – Record and convert screen demo to self-play EXE file

Screen2EXE is a very handy screen recording freeware with unique super-high compression algorithm. It enables users to record every step of operation on the screen (including the mouse movements, mouse clicks with wreath prompt, for example), and then saves as EXE executable file (or common SWF, AVI, FLV and MP4 video files) for watching on PC even without video players.