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Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0 Standard, Professional Editions’ full installers with keys

First of all, if you are curious why we still adhered to release this outdated version, just think that's only for a few guys or use environments that still need it - just want to develop a simple desktop tool for lower versions of Windows platforms quickly, for example. So, if its not for the purpose of learning the Programming Windows, Fifth Edition, you don't need it any more!

Cygwin – A complete simulation of UNIX environment

Cygwin – A complete simulation of UNIX environment

For beginners using Windows who are interested in the C/C++ language (anyway, you need to compile your C/C++ programs) or Linux embedded system development, the big headache is switching back and forth between Windows & Linux. Even you have to continuously reboot system in order to achieve the purpose, very troublesome. Cygwin just solved this problem.

[v8.6] USBWebserver – Better, faster and easier than XAMPP, AMPPS or WampServer

If you're a web developer or learning web programming languages, you must found that: every time want to perform local debugging, testing for your web app/code on a new OS or another PC, you has to set up and configure the whole AMP (Apache, PHP, MySQL) web development environments from scratch, which is absolutely boring.

XAMPP – Fast and easily create working web server on localhost

As a matter of experience, many people (especially for personal webmasters) have deeply understood the installation of Apache server on localhost is definitely not an easy thing, not to mention adding a MySQL, PHP or Perl component, harder. Nevertheless, luckily there are tools similar to XAMPP integrate frequently-used development environments into one package.