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[v10.0.1] Adobe Audition CS, CC Portable Full, Lite versions AIO

Since the famous audio editing software Cool Edit Pro was acquired by Adobe Systems company, it's got a new name - Adobe Audition. Plus, in the Adobe CS5.5 series, Adobe Audition officially replaced its Adobe Soundbooth, so as to better meet the needs of expert users.

OpenMPT – Make writing music fun, easy and efficient

OpenMPT – Make writing music fun, easy and efficient

OpenMPT (short for Open ModPlug Tracker) is a popular free and open-source sample-based audio tracker from Germany. It was developed in 1997, based on the classic and original ModPlug Tracker written by Olivier Lapicque. Its design purpose is to make writing music on computer become more interesting, easier and more efficient.

[v6.61] WavePad – Full-featured and handy music editor

WavePad is a full-featured and professional audio/music editing freeware for home/non-commercial use. It doesn't need you to have too much basic knowledge for achieving advanced music editing, and is suitable for music lovers who want to manipulate audio files or create their own customized soundtracks.

[v8.2] VirtualDJ – There seems to be no better DJing solution

VirtualDJ (from France, not the Virtual DJ Studio) enables you to finish all the sound mixing work for a DJ show on PC. Its powerful function, intuitive UI can completely meet the demands from various occasions of live performances - from free selections, surrealistic tuning up to multi-channel mixing, generating a variety of special effects, Virtual DJ works it out easily for you.

[v11.0] Sound Forge Pro – Award-winning multi-channel audio waveform editor

[v11.0] Sound Forge Pro – Award-winning multi-channel audio waveform editor

SONY's Sound Forge Pro is an award-winning multi-channel audio editor from Japan. It comes with powerful, comprehensive and intuitive functions for professional digital audio processing special effects production. This includes audio editing, recording, effects producing & processing, coding, etc.

[v9.6.1] Ableton Live 9 – One of most popular Digital Audio Workstation

Undoubtedly, in the same type of Digital Audio Workstation software, the one that can hold the vast user support for such a long time is really rare. Ableton Live 9 can be described as the "4+ years of grinding sword", because its Live 8's release has to date back to 2009. Fortunately, Ableton Live 9 came with many earth-shaking improvements.

Cool Edit Pro – Most famous classical digital music editor

Cool Edit Pro (its next generation of successor is the current Adobe Audition) is a powerful, excellent multi-track recording and digital audio editing software developed by Adobe Systems company. Many users described it as an "audio painting" program, which is enough to see its technical background with flexibility and usability.