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Gens – Earliest and Best SEGA emulator for Windows & Linux

If the Gens32 Surreal is now the best SEGA Genesis, Mega-Drive (MD) emulator for Windows only, then Gens is the earliest and best one for Windows and Linux all the time. And it's a cross-platform, open-source Sega Genesis / Sega CD/ MD / Sega 32X emulator for DOS/Win32/UNIX.

Happy Chick Emulator – Play video games on mobile never been easier

Happy Chick Emulator (also called 小鸡模拟器) is a free versatile emulator APP from China I recently found. It makes playing video games on Android or iPhone never been easier. It not only has built in a variety of excellent emulators, we can also download any game ROM with one-click, all of which let us fondle admiringly.