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[v3.3] MultiExtractor – Extract multimedia files from software

[v3.3] MultiExtractor – Extract multimedia files from software

MultiExtractor is a practical, powerful and pretty handy multimedia resource (graphic file, audio file, video file, etc.) extractor from Poland. It supports all kinds of executable files (DLL, EXE, SlideShow...), PDF, Office document, binary file...

BeCyIconGrabber – Icons/cursors viewer & extractor for Windows executable files

Sometimes, we may come across a lot of beautiful icons from PC programs. For some of them, we want to collect or just use them as materials, such as portableware's icon, folder's icon or icons for display on web page. In these cases, it is necessary to use some appropriate tools to extract out the icon resources we need.

Make SFX – Make self-extracting archive or stand-alone executable file

Make SFX is an very easy-to-use (only 2 steps: select source folder -> set the target EXE file name. All done!) freeware utility specially designed to make self-extracting (SFX) archives or stand-alone (un-extracted) executable (EXE) file with ease.