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SolveigMM Video Splitter – Fast, lossless video cutter/joiner famous for usability

SolveigMM Video Splitter is an outstanding and very fast (no encoding/decoding process required) lossless video editing software. Its intuitive interface enables users to split (remove the unwanted parts) / merge (join any format of video clips into a single big one) pretty much all common video formats accurately, correctly without quality loss.

ViDown FLV Downloader – Excellent streaming video downloader, joiner and converter

ViDown FLV Downloader – Excellent streaming video downloader, joiner and converter

Given the fluency of watching video on some video upload/share websites (which depends on the bandwidth limit of yourself or the websites) and the user's like to some video, some times we may want to be able to download and collect them for enjoyment in the future.

Free Video to GIF Converter – Convert video to GIF animated image with ease

If want to show part or all content of some video in the form of GIF animation, a long time ago, we could do it like this (troublesome): use Free Video to JPG converter or similar tools to make screenshots continuously to get an images collection; then use AnimateGif-like tool to combine them into one GIF image. But now one much better and easier way is using Free Video to GIF Converter.

VSO Downloader – Universal streaming video/audio detector & downloader

Most often, if we find some favorite video on a video website, we'd like to download it for collection. But any video site does not provide direct link for download, or you have to register, login, and even install their special download tool/toolbar... very troublesome!

HiDownload – AIO stream media sniffer, downloader and converter

First of all, the fact is HiDownload (HiD for short) will be eclipsed in front of IDM's overwhelming market occupancy. But its unique features are uncomparable with for many similar downloading tools, such as: super powerful sniffer, streaming audio/video conversion, etc.

Boilsoft Video Joiner – Easy and ultra fast lossless video joiner

Sometimes we want to merge multiple scattered video clips into a big video file, for ease of storage, management or publish, share. In this case, we need a professional software to solve this problem. And in numerous video joiner/merger, Boilsoft Video Joiner (formerly called AVI/MPEG/RM/WMV Joiner) is my favorite one using all the time.

Andy’s FLV Joiner – Tiny and fast Flash Video lossless combiner

As we all know, the big video on online video website is usually divided into many small pieces, even if all of them can be downloaded one by one, they are still not easy to save and manage. Fortunately, most of them are flash video formats or at least can be converted to. Therefore, we can use Andy's FLV Joiner to merge/join them into a complete video file.