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[v10.2.6] GoodSync – #1 cross-platform file/folder sync utility

GoodSync is a very famous, simple but user-friendly and reliable automatic file/folder backup/sync utility. It can quickly and automatically analyze, compare and then sync or backup your files/folders among a variety of local or online storage spaces on multiple devices or platforms.

DropIt – Automatically organize messy files, folders with drag & drop

DropIt is called the automated file sorting edge tool. It allows to automatically perform as many as 20 common operations for messy files/folders, such as Move, Copy, Compress, Extract, Rename, Delete, Encrypt, Decrypt, Open With, Send by Mail, Create Shortcut, Copy to Clipboard, Change Properties, and so on.

Easy File Locker – Fully protect personal files and folders with ease

Easy File Locker (EFL for short) is a very compact and user-friendly file/folder all-round protection (locking, hiding, etc.). Any file/folder protected by it will not be able to be accessed, no writing, no deleting, or invisible (hidden). Of course, it provides so high degree of freedom that you can set up protective properties as need.

Free Hide Folder – Hide private folders from prying eyes with ease

Everyone has variety of files/folders in computer, and there must be some of them you don't want to be seen by others, so you need to hide them. Sure, the simplest but also the easiest to be "cracked" way is to set the attributes of file/folder to "Hidden". But, we can use Free Hide Folder to hide private folders from prying eyes or unauthorized access with ease and effectivity.