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[v10.5] WindowBlinds – Most popolar Windows GUI beautifier

[v10.5] WindowBlinds – Most popolar Windows GUI beautifier

WindowBlinds is a Windows system interface beautifying/skinning software developed by Stardock Corporation. Compared with the common theme files (Visual Style), it provides a better and overall beautification function. It is currently the only 3rd party Windows beautifying tool got Microsoft's permission, which can perfectly support all latest Windows builds.

UHARC/GUI – Powerful file archiver with highest compression rate

First of all, please note that: UHARC/GUI (finished in 2007) is far from being WinUHA (finished in 2005) with a similar alias 'UHARC GUI' (most software download sites mixed them up). It has a compression ratio even higher than 7-Zip - basically we are sure it's the only multimedia archiver in the world now that supports the maximum compression rate (UHARC/GUI > 7-Zip > WinUHA >> WinZIP/WinRAR).

MAME Plus! – GUI variant edition of MAME with fastest ROM auditing speed

The official MAME is an application based on all platforms, for Windows it only runs in a classic DOS/CMD window. So this has given rise to many GUI front-end tools and derived editions based on MAME. Although MAME is still the best multi-console arcade machine emulator with the most exuberant vitality in the history of video game machine emulators, what made it is just those many variant editions.

D-Fend Reloaded – Popular DOSBox GUI and DOS game packager, manager

As everyone knows, DOSBox takes the way of text-based configuration with lots of parameters, so that is absolutely not an easy thing to create the appropriate configuration for a DOS game for ordinary users. As as result, some graphical environment (AKA: frontend, GUI) tools were specially designed to complete this task, and D-Fend was once one of the outstanding graphical front ends.

Pencil – Cross-platform free GUI prototype designer

Pencil is a free, open-source sketch mapping and GUI prototyping tool from Vietnam. Its hand-painted style can match the effect of drawing on paper veritably, and can independently run on Windows, Linux and Mac OS platforms or even installed as plugin of Firefox.